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Sex is a noontime business in Jaipur

Anuraag Singh, DNA   |  Jul 13, 2012, 05:33AM IST

Jaipur: Sex trade is a flourishing business during the wee hours in all big cities and towns. In Jaipur, however, getting paid sex is easy even during the day.

Call girls can be found everywhere. It’s not the city’s underbelly where the willing scout for clients, it’s the posh areas, where the rich live in their bungalows with trimmed hedges.

Venture on the street facing the Central Park, Statue Circle, Bhagwan Das Road and even Ashoka Road, during the day and one can easily spot young girls (with their faces covered) roaming on cycle rickshaws, waiting for potential customers.

DNA roamed the streets on Thursday afternoon and the results were startling. Posing as decoy customers, we spotted and dealt with not just one, but three call girls in two hours.

2.30 pm, Bhagwan Das Road: A cycle rickshaw with a young girl in it, slowed down near Statue Circle. Immediately, two young boys on a motorbike approached and tried striking a deal. “Want an hour’s pleasure?” they said suggestively and pat came the reply from the rickshawallah. “Talk to her”, he said pointing at the girl in the back seat.

This is how the conversation proceeded.

“It’s Rs500 for an hour. Come with me to a nearby restaurant, pay a few more hundred bucks for snacks there and you’ll have fun,” the girl offered.

But the deal broke before it was struck -- the boys did not have full cash. They offered the girl walk away with their cellphone priced at over Rs1,000 in lieu, but the offer just miffed her.

“I don’t take payments in kind, I deal only in hard cash. Search for somebody else, there’s another girl on the other side of road, get in touch with her, she might go with you,” she spat back.

Team DNA then approached the girl, but before the girl could quote the price, the trusted rickshaw driver promoted her saying, “She is a rare one; best enjoyment at affordable price this monsoon. Go with her, you won’t be disappointed.”

But the bargaining made her furious. “Nothing doing with hagglers; both of you better go to a red light area,” she said, moving ahead in the rickshaw.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the road, a young girl in a tight jeans and shirt struck a deal with the guys-with-no-cash and sped away with one of them. She’s settled for a bottle of beer.

4 pm, Ashok Road: Team DNA found another masked call girl in a rickshaw near the hostel of a prominent girl’s college.

The Team indicated the rickshaw to stop. The driver pulled over after consulting the girl.

“We want to have fun…will you come with us,” we asked.

The reply was quick, “With both of you? No way. The deal will be on an hourly basis with one client only, and that too for Rs 600, plus restaurant fees and rickshaw driver’s advance.”

Just then, a middle-aged man in a car stops at the spot and girl breaks the deal promising to return later as she has to engage with a trusted old customer, who whisked her away in his car.

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