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Bollywood’s hot star Ranbir Kapoor is protective of sister Riddhima Sahni

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Ranbir Kapoor might be known as a Casanova who is popular among ladies like anything. But the star is too fond of his elder sister Riddhima Kapoor.


He respects her and even said that his sister always had an upper hand over him. Whenever Ranbir is linked with a girl, it’s assumed that Riddhima is always in the know-how of things because her brother keeps her in the loop. Being a senior she might help her brother with the matters of the heart.


Ranbir is very protective of elder sister Riddhima, who’s married to Bharat Sahni, a Delhi-based businessman. And quite expectedly, he was present when she delivered a baby girl on March 23 in New Delhi. 


We bring to you some never-seen-before moments of the Kapoor siblings. Have a look!

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