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Is sex a step towards love?

It is a common saying that women give sex to get love and men give love to get sex. But then, love can’t be this mutual arrangement wherein, two individuals are using each other for their specific purpose, right? That’s not the love we’ve grown up reading about.

A give and take agreement might be okay for some, but it’s still not something that can be called the premise of a ‘love’ relationship. Sleeping with someone to get one’s amount of emotional fulfillment may be subjective however, seeking eternal love from a partner who’s just gaining physical pleasures from you sounds disastrous. Quite similarly, faking love to get the sexual pleasure one’s seeking is equally horrendous, isn’t it? We tried finding out, how many people take sex to be the ultimate step towards love and this is what we established:
“I don't think sex is a step towards love as love doesn’t have a motive. But at the same time, not everyone who’s in a relationship is seeking sex, as the meaning of sex for an individual changes with age. A young man lacking opportunities in the terms of women may love mostly to experience sex, but a middle aged man is less likely to commit to a woman just for sex, for he can easily pay for sex and get this gratification elsewhere. He’d most probably tie himself down for love and not sex,” says Venkat Vasudev, a 24 year old dance instructor.
Shaaheen Dabral, a 29 year old Fashion graduate pleads to differ with Venkat when she says, “It’s not necessary that a man would not make false promises to a woman when he’s got other means of sexual gratification. What if he wants to only bed this particular woman? He’d obviously tell her all the dreamy lies just to ensure that she satisfies his sexual needs. I know of men, who’re doing this and forget them, women too are into such relationships of convenience. Some need love and give sex in return and vice versa. What’s sad is the case of those few who are being fooled by their respective partners who camouflage their lust in a thick layer of deceitful love.”
Some even think it’s okay as long as the both the partners agree to the arrangement mutually. Rohit Sharma, a 27 year old marketing professional seems to be of a similar opinion. What’s wrong in a man giving the woman what she wants and the woman giving the man what he wants? Who cares as long as both are cool with it? I don’t care and none should either. But yes, hoping that a man/woman would eventually fall for you just because you’re satisfying them is completely wrong and childish. Try binding them according to your rules, they’ll fly away in front of your eyes.”
Whatever said and done, it’s still comforting to know that there are a handful of us who still believe in the love that’s ‘love’ and not lust and would not commit an idiocy of expecting love in a relationship that has sex as its premise. Guess one should seek sex where one should and love where one gets love, for love begets love and sex begets sex.

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