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Revealed: 3 biggest bedroom lies


Most of us do make an actual attempt in our daily lives to be completely honest with just a lie or two here and there being the end of it but, there are times when it becomes extremely difficult to say the truth, especially when you're in the arms of your better half, right?  
Yes, we are certainly talking about bedroom lies here, just in case you're not aware of them, following are the biggest bedroom lies that are said by perhaps every other individual: 
You're the only one!
Men know that women are very possessive, hence, they don't tell them how many sexual partners they've had. So, if you're guy is telling you that you're the only one for him, he might be telling you a lie.
That was fun...
It's not necessary that your partner really enjoys sex with you. Saying, "That was fun" might not really mean that. A lot of times, it's just a mechanism to conceal the fact that he didn't quite like you in the bed. Don't worry, for, at least he cares for you enough not to upset you by telling the truth.
You're hot honey!
Well, don't really get overexcited when you hear that. It's obvious that if a man's waiting to 'do' you, he is gonna tell you this only. Who on earth will say that- "I don't find you sexy enough but don't have an option." Get real woman!!

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