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One WRONG decision and Sachin would have been working for a textile firm

Bhaskar News | Apr 24, 2013, 16:01PM IST
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Mumbai: Sachin Tendulkar was close to quitting cricket a year after he debuted against Pakistan on November 15, 1989.
The batting maestro was offered a PR job by a garment company during his 17th birthday celebrations, but the humble cricketer politely turned down the offer.
Sun Grace Mafatlal, which was also his first sponsorer, offered the job during a party it had organised for Sachin on his birthday in 1990 - his 1st birthday after entering in international cricket. Tendulkar got a job in the PR division of Sun Grace as a birthday gift!
As Sachin Tendulkar turns 40, his "insatiable hunger and incredible talent" has refused to die down. The cricket legend had proved that love for the game comes straight from the heart. 


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