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Friends no more? Lionel Messi’s fight with David Villa goes viral

dailybhaskar.com   |  Nov 18, 2012, 00:32AM IST
New Delhi: While Cristiano Ronaldo has been known for his fit of temper, his rival Lionel Messi has always been respected for his calm demeanor. But, Messi’s recent fight with Barcelona teammate David Villa has stunned everyone.
The Argentine striker caught his Bracelona teammate David Villa off guard in a recent match against the Spanish club Granada. The duo was seen tangled in a heated argument where Messi, for the first time, showcased his anger in a football match.
During the match between Barcelona and Granada, Messi passed the ball in the box to Villa. However, Villa was marked by the defenders and unable to control the ball in turn lost possession. The incident instigated Messi to shout at his teammate which was not entertained by Villa.
David Villa responded angrily after a frustrated Messi shouted at him for not passing the ball back to him.  The duo got engaged in a heated argument with retaliation from both ends, raising questions on their long-standing friendship.
Lionel Messi’s behavior on field has attracted a lot of criticism from the press despite Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova stating that the two players are in good standing.
Some players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are known for confronting their teammates, but Messi’s recent outburst has shocked everyone as some call it a wakeup call for Barcelona.
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