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WATCH: Caroline Wozniacki pulls a ‘Djoke’ on Serena Williams

dailybhaskar.com   |  Dec 11, 2012, 14:14PM IST
New Delhi: The Danish tennis ace, Caroline Wozniacki, pulled a ‘Djoke’ to everyone’s surprise after she imitated American star Serena Williams. Her impersonation of Williams was witnessed during her exhibition match against Maria Sharapova in Brazil.
The former world no. 1 stuffed towels in her bra and skirt to replicate the body of the curvaceous American Grand Slam champion.
Sharapova, on her serve, lost the point she played against Wozniacki’s Serena. She hasn’t defeated the real Serena in eight years so even the mere sight of a Serena impersonator caused Sharapova to hit the backhand wide.
Wozniacki’s joke has received mixed reactions as some called it hilarious and funny, while the others termed it racist and provocative.
A blogger said that it is very easy for people to turn a black woman’s body and sexuality into a caricature. Another comment said that the impersonation was a mere mockery of the bodies of black women.
(With Agency inputs)
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