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Levitating: The art of flying in air goes viral

Dailybhaskar.com | Jan 12, 2013, 17:51PM IST
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New Delhi: After planking, came milking and now it is the turn of levitating. The new craze has gone viral on internet. The act involves photographing people as they defy gravity, while performing daily tasks like playing piano or crossing road.

The trend, started by Japanese teenager Natasha Hayashi when she posted pictures of her 'floating' around Tokyo went viral in 2010.

The trick is to use a camera with a fast shutter speed and taking the shots from a low angle. the subject under study tries to look as casual as possible.

The craze has become popular particularly in East, where people are posting images in interesting posses and background.

We will have look at some of those images.

Image Courtesy: Levitating SG, Facebook.

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