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'Sex on plane' becoming a trend!


Soaring on high skies sometime triggers tamed passion. Flying somehow makes people let go of their inhibitions.

According to a survey, “15 percent of passengers surveyed around the Asia Pacific region claim to have witnessed some form of sexual conduct on a plane.”

Hilarious incidents such as half naked couples tumbling out of the washroom to sex noises in dark, are not unheard of.

A report published in the Herald Sun claims, “The most common saucy act involved couples entering the lavatory together followed by lots of banging and squealing, although sneakier activities underneath a blanket were also quite popular.”

Apart from these, another such encounters include incidents like, a red lipstick message written on the washroom mirror, which was read by the wrong person, as he used the washroom first, couples locked and discovered by a crew staff member in a wheelchair closet!

Countries like India are pretty stiff on "public sex" laws. Though some countries follow a dependency factor it.

Despite all the laws and regulations, sexual acts on plane while travelling are becoming a phenomenon.



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