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Politicians who were defamed for extra-marital affair and sex scandals

Bhaskar News | Oct 26, 2013, 22:43PM IST
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Lucknow: Sitapur legislator, Mahendra Singh has been suspended from his political party after he was recently spotted in Goa in moments of revelry. His fame was wiped after he was found indulging in extra-marital affairs. There are many more politicians in UP who have been tainted for their part in sex scandals.
Mahendra Singh alias Jheen babu
Goa Police arrested Samajwadi Party leader and MLA from Sitapur constituency Mahendra Singh alias Jheen Babu along with five other men for allegedly creating a dance bar ambience with women imported from Delhi at a Hotel Dance Bar here on Monday night. 
The MLA was sent to police custody for a week. 
When the police raided the bar, performers were dancing to loud music. The women locked themselves in a room and behaved suspiciously. Later, they were arrested. Singh is reportedly a four-time MLA from Sitapur.
BSP leader accused of unnatural sex with pregnant wife
Bahujan Samajwadi party leader, Chaudhary Basheer is accused of having unnatural sex with his pregnant wife. The leader married three times. His third wife, Begum Nagma revealed about the heinous act. She said that the Lok Sabha contender, Basheer changes wives as he changes clothes. She blamed that Basheer had not informed her about his two other wives at the time of their marriage.
Madhumita-Amarmani case
In May, 2003, poetess Madhumita, who had sexual relationship with politician Amar Mani outside marriage, was murdered. She was killed in Lucknow’s paper mill colony. Post-mortem report said that she was pregnant at the time of death. The reason of the poetess’ death was said to be the sex scandal. Presently, Amar Mani Tripathi is in jail.
Narayan Dutt Tiwari sex scandal 
UP former Chief Minister, 85-year-old Narayan Dutt Tiwari entered into fresh controversy for the third time. A sex-video tape went viral that revealed the actions of the tainted minister.
Shashi-Anand love story
Uttar Pradesh minister Anand Sen’s love affair with Shashi became known when on 22nd October 2007, Shashi went missing. It was later found that she was murdered.
Amita Modi - Sanjay Singh sex scandal
Sanjay Singh was accused in the Syed Modi murder case in UP back in 1988. Then, it was said that Sanjay Singh had a relationship with the deceased’s wife Amita which became the reason for Modi’s murder. the accused was the then prime minister V.P. Singh’s son-in-law who later divorced V.P. Singh’s daughter and married Amita Modi.
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