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UP: Class 7 students caught having sex in flat

Bhaskar News   |  Feb 07, 2013, 01:27AM IST

Moradabad: We live in the age of information and technology. Sophisticated gadgets bring the information of the entire globe on our mobile screens with just a click. However, this freedom has its negative impact too.  Pornographic pictures and videos are commonly available in our domain as any other site.  The free unfiltered access to internet by our children can shape the young minds in a way we would not want it to be. An example of bad impact of internet are these two school going kids. Students of their age, normally, should be engaged in studies and sports. But defying their age, they were caught by police, having sex in a flat.

The incident is of Moradabad. A Class 7 girl and boy, who study in a reputed school of the brass city, were found in objectionable position in a flat in Kanshi Ram Nagar. Both the students had bunked their classes to have a fun time in the flat, belonging to another student of their age. The third student, who lived in the flat, locked the door and left to watch a movie. The alarmed residents called up police, which broke the door open to find them in compromising position. Two used condoms were also found in the room. The young couple admitted that they had sex two times. They were locked for three hours in the flat.

The girl has a mother, who is a teacher, and a brother who works as manager in a company. Boy’s father has a successful business of inverter batteries in the city. Police have registered a case of obscenity at a public place against the students.   



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