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Urs-e-Shahjahan: Pictures of Mughal Emperor’s grave inside Taj Mahal

Bhaskar News | Jun 07, 2013, 21:35PM IST
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Agra: The entire Tajganj, the area adjoining Taj Mahal was crowded with people who wanted to present a ‘Chadar’ at Mughal Emperor Shahjahan’s grave at world famous Taj Mahal on his ‘ursa’ on Friday.

Commoners were allowed to go inside Taj Mahal to his original grave to present the chadar. Some chadar’s were so long that they stretched from his grave to the outer entrance of the Taj compound.

The first chadar was presented by Archeological Survey of India. Khuddam-e-Roza committee’s chairman Tahir-uddin Tahir presented a chadar which was 675 meter long.

Massive arrangements were made for thousands of people who turned up to witness the rare event. Foreign tourist had come up in large numbers. 

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