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‘Katy Perry and Taylor Swift killing feminism’


Camille Paglia, a leading feminist has accused artists Taylor Swift and Katy Perry of killing feminism and throwing society back to the 'demure girly-girl days of the white-bread 1950s'.

Paglis who had declared Madonna the future of feminism 20 years ago, blamed the two for many of today's young women failing to realize the role their sexuality in society and 'partying till you drop has gotten as harmless as a Rotary Club meeting'.

In an article for The Hollywood Reporter, she also claimed that many of Swift's songs touch on bland adolescent themes, about boyfriends and 'faceless louts who blur in her mind as well as ours'. She goes on to describe Perry as a 'manic cyborg cheerleader'.

What is surprising is that she applauds Rihanna with her 'elemental erotic intensity' and said that Beyonce draws on the 'emotional depths of black gospel as well as the brazen street sass of hip-hop'.

Pic courtesy: fallingformakeup.blogspot.in,cheezzmakeup.blogspot.in

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