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Aggressive sex videos make male athletes better weightlifters

Dailybhaskar.com   |  Aug 21, 2012, 01:37AM IST

London: Male weightlifters can lift heavier objects after watching erotic videos, says a new study.

Scientists showed different types of porn video clips to male athletes and then studied their workout performances afterwards.

They discovered changes in salivary testosterone samples and subsequent squat performance after the weightlifters watched the pornographic clips, Discover Magazine website reported.

It said looking at different types of videos produced incredibly different reactions in saliva.

The male athletes found pornography helped them lift heavier weights after they viewed the sexual clips.

Erotic, aggressive, funny, training and motivational clips prompted a noticeable increase in testosterone.

Sad and neutral videos sparked a significant dip in testosterone samples.

Quoting an unnamed scientific study, it said: "We explored the acute effects of video clips on salivary testosterone and cortisol concentrations and subsequent voluntary squat performance in highly trained male athletes."

Saliva samples were collected on six occasions immediately before and 15 min after watching a four-minute long clip.

The male athletes then performed a squat workout aimed at producing a 3 repetition maximum (3RM) lift.
A significant improvement in 3RM performances were noted after the erotic, aggressive and training clips versus control clips.

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