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‘Bare breasts against Islamism’: Naked women protest in front of mosques

Dailybhaskar.com | Apr 04, 2013, 18:32PM IST
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Brussels: Protests were organised all across the globe in protest of the Tunisian activists, Amina. 
In an act of defiance, women staged protests in front of mosques in Brussels and the Grand Mosque of Paris. 
The women, belonging to the Women Rights Group Femen, shed their clothes and challenged the extremists’ ideologies of the Islamic fundamentalists.
Protests were staged in Brazil, Egypt, Turkey and many nations of the Middle-East. Protests were organized in Many European nations as well.
Amina caused massive outrage after she posted topless images of herself on social networking website, Facebook.
Islamists in the North African nation of Tunisia have threatened to take the life of FEMEN activist, Amina, after she posted topless images of herself on Facebook.
Amina Tyler, 19, posted a photo of herself without a top on and with the words "My body belongs to me" written in Arabic across her chest. 
Amina was taken to a mental hospital after she posted the images online, by her family.
It is being speculated that Amina posted the images while she was outside Tunisia. According to Tunisian law, Amina could face a two-year rigorous imprisonment and a fine of 40 to 400 British pounds, had she posted the images while she was inside Tunisia. 
However, religious leaders are asking for the head of Amina, irrespectively. They say that her 'misadventure' deserves 80 to100 lashes. But her crime is far more severe and she should be put to death by stoning.
People have come out in huge support of the Tunisian activists. People from all across the world, both women and men, are flashing their bare chest to mark their support for the young activist.
In the picture, activists from women's rights group Femen shout slogans during a protest supporting the rights of Arab women at the entrance of the Brussels Mosque in Brussels. Reuters

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