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Photos: Israel's military might vs Palestine's fire power

Dailybhaskar.com | Nov 20, 2012, 11:48AM IST
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New Delhi: Israel and Palestine are locked in a fierce battle in Gaza strip for almost a week. The recent confrontation started after Israel Defence forces targeted Hamas top military commander, Ahmed Jabari, killing him in an airstrike that was broadcasted live on Israel Defence forces Twitter account.

In response, Hamas hit Israel with rockets reaching as far as the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv. The fighting has claimed many lives, with Gaza suffering the maximum number of deaths. The death toll has crossed 100 with over 700 injured.

Both the sides are unevenly matched in terms of military powers. Israel has time and again stressed its need to defend itself from the sporadic and deadly strikes originating from across the border.

Let us have a look at the military capabilities of the two sides.

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