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Set by Newton, cracked by Indian: Teenager solves 350-year-old Math problem

dailybhaskar.com   |  May 27, 2012, 02:10AM IST

London: A teenager of Indian origin in Germany has reportedly cracked puzzles that have baffled mathematicians for 350 years.

Daily Mail reported that Shouryya Ray, from Dresden, cracked problems set by the legendary mathematician, Sir Issac Newton.

The report said that Ray solved two fundamental particle dynamics theories that takes physicists powerful computers to solve.

One of his solutions could help predict the trajectory and flight of a ball thrown into the air and gauge how it will bounce and land.

Ray came across such problems during one of his visits to Dresden University where professors claimed the numericals were 'uncrackable', the newspaper report said.

Ray, who moved to Germany from Kolkata four-years back, quashes any claims that call him a 'genius' but it is true that he was "triple-promoted" in school and it only took him 4 years to master the German language.

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