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Sexy snips: Bikini barbers take US by storm

Dailybhaskar.com   |  Sep 15, 2012, 10:36AM IST


Ever thought of getting a haircut from beautiful bikini clad girls?


Twentynine-year-old Jeff Wulkan, from Long Beach, offers you one such barbershop. 


According to a report published in Daily Mail, customers here get their hair cut by beautiful young women in bikinis.


Jeff - who has a degree in aeronautical science - admitted that most of Bikini Barbers' customers are men but said women and children aren't put off by coming in either.


Talking about his innovative idea, Jeff said he was sick of the lack of options there were to get a haircut. You either had to go to a high-end hair salon or one of those 70-year-old guys who have shaky hands and can barely see anymore. 


So he decided to open one where for $2 more than it costs to go to Supercuts, you can get your hair cut by hot girls in bikinis.


Not surprisingly, the shop is booming, so much so that it has its own reality TV series - AXS TV’s Bikini Barbershop: Jersey - and Jeff is being asked to open franchises of the beach-themed hair salon across America, the Daily Mail report said.

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