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Kim Jong-un's USD 7 million yacht, makes wave on internet

Dailybhaskar.com | Jun 21, 2013, 20:59PM IST
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Pyongyang: Kim Jong-un's penchant for luxury product is known to all. Recently, North Korean leader was spotted alongside a 95-foot-long Princess95M luxury yacht.
In the images released by the state-run news agency, the leader was seen roaming along with military generals on the dock with the USD 7 million yachts looming behind them.
The love of luxury items runs in Kim's family. His father had a vast collection of luxury items- race cars, a collection of over 20,000 DVDs, leather, plasma TVs, real animal fur, jet skis and crystals.
In fact, Late Kim Jong-il kept 20 per cent of the budget to himself.
The leader gave 160 Mercedez-Benz sedans to high-ranking officials in 2010.
In the satellite images obtained, a number of luxurious yacht could be seen along the North Korean ports.
According to a UN resolution passed in 2006, the sale of luxury goods to North Korea has been banned.
Despite the ban, Pyongyang had dramatically increased the import of luxury goods last year, according to South Korean media.
Source: SinaEnglish

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