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‘Selfless’ paralysed man donates money he saved for his treatment to disabled boy

Dailybhaskar.com   |  Jul 12, 2013, 15:25PM IST

In a generous gesture, a paralysed man donated the money he saved for his treatment over the four years to a disabled boy who couldn’t walk.


Selfless Dan Black has given Rs 18 lakh (£20,000) to five-year-old Brecon Vaughan. Though the money he raised over the years was meant to get the 25-year-old back on his feet but the he rather preferred to give the money to the little boy.


After reading about the plight of Brecon, who suffers from spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, Dan decided the boy had a better chance of walking so handed the money to him instead. Brecon’s parents described Dan’s generosity as ‘phenomenal and a huge boost towards the £60,000 needed for an operation which will allow their son to walk unaided.


Before Dan’s gift, the family had managed to raise £11,000 for the US operation. Read full report here.

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