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How to arrange Diwali Pooja Plates

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It is necessary to worship the Goddess Lakshmi methodically by following all the rituals in a systematic way only then will the Goddess get pleased and showers her best blessings on you.

Vedic scriptures put forth a proper way to arrange and decorate three puja-plates including some prescribed puja items. Decorate the first plate by placing eleven clay lamps at equal distance. 

In the second plate arrange the puja items- dhani(kheel), batashe, sweets, clothes for the Goddess, Jewellery, paste of sandalwood, vermillion and kumkum in a sequence, then place betel leaf in the centre of the plate.

In the third plate, arrange some flowers, durva grass, uncooked rice grains, clove, cardamom, saffron, camphor, paste of turmeric and lime, aromatic substance, incense sticks and an earthen lamp in a well arranged sequence.

The above prescribed decorative plates will help you please the Goddess Laxmi and in return you will be blessed with wealth, prosperity and glory.

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