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Garbage, stink, mosquitoes haunt patients at B'lore hospitals

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  • Feb 24, 2013, 17:00 PM IST
Garbage, stink, mosquitoes haunt patients at B'lore hospitals, bangalore news in English

bangalore news in English

Bangalore: Patients in the government hospitals in the city are facing a tough time as hospital authorities keep passing the buck on each other over keeping the surroundings clean.
The hospital authorities of Vani Vilas Hospital and Victoria Hospital are blaming each other and the patients are bearing the brunt of their negligence.
Come to Victoria Hospital and it offers you piles of debris, plastic bottles, and plastic bags, in the area between outdoor patient department (gynaecology) and pathology lab. The stink that emanates from the stagnated water compels you to cover your nose.
Reportedly, the managing staff of the hospital says that the concerned authorities pay no heed to their concerns about the stinking stagnated water and mound of debris. They say that despite their repeated requests the authorities do not bother to take any steps for the removal of garbage.
The garbage mound houses mosquitoes that are making the lives of attendants miserable. Relatives of patients, who cannot afford nearby accommodation, use the premises. Due to the mosquito menace they are unable to sleep and even sit for long hours, thanks to the stink emanating from the stagnated water and garbage mound.


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