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CNR criticises demand for nuclear moratorium

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  • Apr 02, 2011, 06:04 AM IST
CNR criticises demand for nuclear moratorium, bangalore news in English

bangalore news in English

CNR criticises demand for nuclear moratorium  Bangalore: The ripple effect of the Fukushima crisis in Japan has reached Indian shores as well with the Prime Minister's scientific advisory council chairman and distinguished scientist, Prof CNR Rao on Friday severely criticising a demand for nuclear moratorium made on Thursday by fellow council member and director of Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Prof P Balaram.

Terming Balaram's statement for nuclear moratorium (a temporary halt to nuclear power production) as 'irresponsible', Rao said that he was totally against nuclear moratorium.

"How can we opt for nuclear moratorium? It is an irresponsible statement," a visibly angry Rao said while speaking to reporters on Friday. "Nobody can avoid a tsunami which is a natural phenomenon; if has to occur, it will. If some people in Bangalore drive recklessly on the roads, can one order stoppage of all traffic?" asked Rao.

In a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, IISc director Balaram and 50 prominent scientists, nuclear experts and retired bureaucrats had sought a review of India's nuclear strategy.

Apart from the signed letter, Balaram on Thursday demanded that nuclear power production be stopped for the time being, and called for transparent safety audits at the existing and upcoming nuclear plants in India.

Rao, however, agreed with the demand for review of India's nuclear strategy.

"There should be reviews; only foolish people don't want reviews. A constant review in any sphere is important," said Rao.


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