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Connecting Bangalore with bicycles

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  • Oct 19, 2011, 04:36 AM IST
Connecting Bangalore with bicycles, bangalore news in English

bangalore news in English

bicyclesBangalore: Besides the BMTC, auto rickshaws and Metro, Bangalore will add the Automated Public Bicycle Sharing System (ATCAG) to the city's list of public transport, which was inaugurated by MLA NA Harris.

"The ATCAG aims to serve the need of the public for the last-mile connectivity for other public transport such as the BMTC and Metro, while providing Bangaloreans with a green mode of transport," said Srinivas Ramesh, co-founder and director of Kerberon Automations. The ATCAG is a smartcard-based application. "On registration, the person is given a card that can be used to get the bicycle from the docket where it is stationed. He will have to return the bicycle within a timeframe," he added.

The pilot project, scheduled for three months, has been launched at three locations with nine bicycles, which will be docked at FM Cariappa War Memorial, Shankar Nag theatre and the Bible Society of India. In three months, the plan is to set up a station every 500 meters. "We want to ensure that people can make use of the facility and not depend on polluting modes of transport. By providing the much-needed last-mile connectivity, we can reduce the dependency on private transports," Ramesh said.

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