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How Araria copes with wife-swapping, live-ins and much more?

  • Bhaskar News
  • Feb 23, 2013, 11:21 AM IST

Araria/Patna: Live-in relationships, consensual wife swapping and other modern western values may have caught the fancy of India’s metro cities, but if something of such sorts start happening in interior parts of Bihar then it bound to surprise people. 

One such awe-struck person is IPS officer Shivdeep Lande. He has been posted as the SP of Araria district of Bihar. Of late, the town has seen an unusual rise in instances of above mentioned vices for a traditionally conservative society like Bihar. And with changing mindsets, the natures of people’s complaints are also changing.
Narrating one such incident, the SP told that a wife-swapping incident took place under jurisdiction of Raniganj police station in December 2012. Kamaal and Farooq had exchanged their wives Nazia and Mujiba respectively with each other. All went well for two years as even their wives were happy with their respective husbands’ friend. But Kamaal came to know one day that Nazia had vowed to make Farooq as the beneficiary of her property which ran into lakhs. This infuriated Kamaal and he lodged a police complaint.
“Tell me, how can a 40-year old woman be kidnapped and kept for two years that too when she herself gave assent to the ‘kidnapping’?,” asks SP.
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