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Let ‘Vishwaroopam’ get released: Rajnikanth's appeal to Muslims

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  • Jan 26, 2013, 08:16 AM IST
Let ‘Vishwaroopam’ get released: Rajnikanth's appeal to Muslims

Chennai: Tamil Superstar Rajnikanth on Friday came in support of veteran actor Kamal Hasan, urging the Muslim community to not hamper the release of Hasan’s movie ‘Vishwaroopam’, which has been banned in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for content objectionable to the largest minority community of the country.

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    Let ‘Vishwaroopam’ get released: Rajnikanth's appeal to Muslims

    "I request my Muslim brothers to sit with Kamal Haasan, discuss and release the film without hampering the storyline. He is no ordinary artiste but an extraordinary one who can take Tamil cinema to all new levels," Rajinikanth said in a statement.

    "Kamal and I have been friends for over 40 years and I know personally for a fact that he wouldn't hurt the sentiments of anybody let alone Muslims," he added. 

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    Let ‘Vishwaroopam’ get released: Rajnikanth's appeal to Muslims

    On Wednesday, Tamil Nadu government banned "Vishwaroopam" for two weeks when around 25 Muslim organisations objected to Kamal's movie on the ground that it portrays the community in bad light.

    When the Muslim organisations had objected to the movie, Kamal organised a special screening for them. But the members of the organisations hardened their stance after watching the movie, alleging that the community was shown in bad light.

    Made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, "Vishwaroopam", which deals about the adversities of war, is produced and directed by Kamal who has also acted in it. It was earlier scheduled for a Jan 25 release.

    Meanwhile, Kamal Hasan, on the screening of his film in Los Angeles, said that he had full faith in the judiciary of the country. He expressed confidence on the law and said that he was sure that he would get justice in the matter. 

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