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1774 French wine to be auctioned at Christie's

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  • Apr 24, 2012, 14:21 PM IST
1774 French wine to be auctioned at Christie's, brand wagon news in English

brand wagon news in English

vinjaune_288Ever heard of a $44,000 bottle full of French wine? Well, let us detail you about one. A bottle of French wine dating back to 1774 has been crowned as the wine of kings and the king of wines. The same bottle has been under the hammer and is expected to0 fetch $44,000 at auction next month affirms Christie’s.

The wine known as the Vin Jaune, was stored for generations in a vaulted underground cellar by the Vercel family in eastern Jura region, Arbois. Apparently, wine experts had tasted a bottle from the same batch in 1994 and had concluded that the notes of cinnamon, curry and vanilla were excellent on the nose as well as in the mouth.

Officials at Christie’s said that the bottle is probably the oldest unfortified example of what is to be still an astonishing wine and another true rarity for wine lovers and connoisseurs.


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