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Five most prestige boats exhibited at the Paris Boat Show!

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  • Dec 08, 2012, 06:21 AM IST

December 8 marks the opening of ‘The Salon Nautique de Paris’ with the latest shipyard modernization flaunted from France and other countries. We present to you a collection of high-end boats for some of the most expensive seafarers.

Frauscher 1017 GT

Prices start at Rs 2.1 crores.

Specs: length: 1017 cm, width: 299 cm, engine: 2 x 300 – 430 hp

Frauscher 1017 LIDO

Prices start at Rs 2 crores.

Specs: length: 999 cm, width: 299 cm, engine: 2 x 300 – 430 hp

Chris Craft Launch 20

Prices start at Rs 3.9 lakhs.

Specs: length overall: 6.15 m, hull length: 5.74 m, width: 2.41 m

Chris Craft Corsair 36

Prices start at Rs 2.9 crores.

 Specs: Length overall: 11.63 m, hull length: 11.05 m, width: 3.82 m

Rhéa Marine Open 27

Specs: length: 7.50m, hull width: 2.80 m

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