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Asian nightclub Pangaea Singapore has had the lucky foot-stops of Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson & Bill Gates

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  • Aug 09, 2013, 17:10 PM IST
Asian nightclub Pangaea Singapore has had the lucky foot-stops of Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson & Bill Gates, indulge news in English

indulge news in English

Well, to start with you already know you are in for some fun time when you are in Pangaea Singapore, as its one of the world’s most expensive nightclubs. To top it all, when you are ordering the ‘Jewel of Pangae’, which is East Asia’s most expensive cocktail you are heading just right.


Pangaea, the world-famous ultra-lounge is founded by American nightclub impresario Michael Ault, which occupies the Marina Bay Sands’ one-of-a-kind Crystal Pavilion. Rising from the scintillating Marina Bay and encased in the incorporated resort’s distinctive glass Crystal Pavilion, Pangaea's patrons has the facility to access the 6,000 square feet club through the mesmerizing underwater tunnel connected to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.


Pangaea boasts an intimate, sophisticated club set, showcasing bespoke furniture and custom-made dance tiers within each banquette, making this a club where every inch of the space is literally meant be danced on. The interior of the lounge will also be a super-luxe affair, with specially designed fittings and furnishings made of eye-popping materials and fabrics including genuine zebra, crocodile and ostrich skins, the most exotic woods, and a Pangaea hallmark, Michael’s personal collection of museum-quality African tribal masks.


Michael Ault, who has hosted A-listers such as Madonna, Kate Moss and Will Smith, in an interview, was quoted as saying that “with the formulae of great architecture and our experience in successfully operating the best clubs in leading international cities, we simply cannot wait to open our doors and put Singapore on the global party map.”

Michael does not consider himself the party animal, despite having so much to his name and initially rather worked at Wall Street for about six years, in Hongkong Bank, Barclays and Bank of New York. But banking did not interest him and he got out of it.


Today he has a phonebook and email list cumulatively that runs into over 1,200,000 contacts, and contacts of the most fashionable, fabulous, celebrated, appealing and wealthy people on the globe, from Presidents, royal families, to actors, musicians and sports stars.

And what more than to treat yourself to the likes of Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, and Sting who have given performances here and you never know if you end up talking to Bill Gates too.


And when you have rich Koreans, Chinese, old Malaysian families, Indonesians and even Indians stashing their money in Singapore, the nightclub business makes for a good deal to stay with.


Rather interestingly, highest paying and most consistent customers at Pangaea are overwhelmingly ‘Indians’. 


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