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World’s most costly Lingerie!

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  • Dec 04, 2012, 00:09 AM IST
World’s most costly Lingerie!

These embellished and diamond encrusted lingerie’s are sure to set the temperatures high! Have a look…

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    World’s most costly Lingerie!

    Susan Rosen Diamond Bikini

    Susan Rosens bikini is priced at a whooping cost of Rs 1.6 billion and is made up of 150 carats of faultless diamonds and other stones like emerald.

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    World’s most costly Lingerie!

    Gold Lingerie Set

    This set is made of 950 grams of gold, and is displayed in a store in Shenyang City, China.

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    World’s most costly Lingerie!

    2010 Diamond Fantasy Bra

    This Fantasy Bra designed by celebrity jeweler Damiani is for Victoria’s Secret, encrusted with about 3000 white diamonds, light blue sapphires and topazes in 18 carat white gold. This piece costs about Rs 13.6 crores.

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    World’s most costly Lingerie!

    Red Hot Fantasy Bra by Victoria’s Secret

    The Red Hot Fantasy bra holds the world record for most pricey bra and is priced at an unbeatable cost of Rs 81 crores. It has some 1,300 gemstones like rubies and diamonds.

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    World’s most costly Lingerie!

    Soiree Agent Provocateur Lingerie

    This kinky lingerie has Swarovski glass beads and costs about Rs 21 Lacs especially at Harrods on sale.

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