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Doctors rush to save 'girl', find dog instead

  • PTI
  • Jan 22, 2012, 21:52 PM IST
Doctors rush to save 'girl', find dog instead, bizarre news in English

bizarre news in English

Beijing:  Doctors who rushed to attend an emergency call to save a "girl" in Beijing were in for a shock when the patient turned out to be a female pet dog suffering from cardiac complications.

The Beijing News today reported the first-aid station hospital in Xicheng District of Beijing received a call requesting the emergency service that "a six-year-old girl with inborn heart disease" was in critical condition. When the ambulance arrived, doctors found that the patient was a dog.

"The husband directed us to their apartment, the crying wife was about to collapse," a doctor surnamed Lu was quoted as saying.

He said the couple asked the doctors to inject medicine into the dog, but they had never given shots to animals. The emergency medical team advised the couple to deliver the dog to a pet hospital.

"We quite understand the situation but citizens should use first-aid call centre 120 in the right
way to save human lives," Lu said.

The story has spread through the cyberspace with people taking to the net to air their criticism for the pet-loving couple for misusing the human first-aid service.

In a country where dog meat is regarded a delicacy, increasing number of Chinese are taking to canines for companionship to beat the loneliness.

China is also witnessing a spurt in save dog activists, where several activists have in recent months waylaid trucks carrying hundreds of dogs to slaughter houses.


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