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Lick of love: Eye-licking the new foreplay craze in Japan, US

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  • Jun 14, 2013, 17:40 PM IST
Lick of love: Eye-licking the new foreplay craze in Japan, US
Tokyo: It may sound shocking and look disgusting, but Japanese youth have taken to licking the eyes of their lovers as they think it would express their feelings better. ‘Oculolinctus’, as the new love-making technique is known, is said to have replaced the traditional foreplay, which comprise mainly of kissing among various activities, among many young Japanese couples.
Also called worming, the prevailing fetish was popularised by a Japanese website, which also highlighted the rampant following that it commands among youngsters. 
That who is the ‘genius’ behind the bizarre invention still remains shrouded in mystery.
But Medical Daily has warned of dangers of the practice. In an article, it cautioned that a person licking his paramour’s eyeballs could turn her blind, or infect her with conjunctivitis. 
“If the person doing the eyeball licking has the herpes virus, that can be passed on as well,” the journal also says.
“Eyeball licking can cause blindness as the bacteria found in the mouth can damage eye tissue,” Huffington Post quoted noted ophthalmologist Dr Phillip Rizzito saying.
In fact, the Japanese website that first highlighted the bizarre practice has found out that more than a dozen children at a Japanese class wore eye patches. These 12-year olds are said to have taken to ‘oculolinctus’ on a regular basis.
In menacing signs for a country where children are like diamonds owing to its fast ageing population, many schools are believed to be in grip of eye licking.

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    Lick of love: Eye-licking the new foreplay craze in Japan, US
Moreover, the craze has also spread across the Pacific to the US territory of Virgin Islands. A 29-year old girl recalled to Huffington Post that one of her boyfriends did it to her few years ago and she fell for the practice.
“I am not with him anymore, but I still like to ask guys to lick my eyeballs. I just love it because it turns me on, like sucking on my toes. It makes me feel all tingly,” she added.


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