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In recession-hit Spain, men chop off fingers to win 2 mln pounds insurance claim

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  • Apr 27, 2013, 21:11 PM IST
In recession-hit Spain, men chop off fingers to win 2 mln pounds insurance claim, bizarre news in English

bizarre news in English

Madrid:Two Spanish men have been caught red handed after they chopped off two of their fingers in an apparent effort to win two million pounds insurance claim.
The insurance company called their bluff as they have chopped their hands "too well".
The recession in Spain has made people resort to extreme measures to make money.
The condition in the European nation has deteriorated even further. People are jobless and many have to survive on government provided ration to fill their empty stomachs.
The two claimants in question pulled off fake accidents stories and try to fool the insurance company.
The first one chopped off his finger with an electric saw and claimed that he lost his finger in a freak accident.
He then made claims to 11 insurance companies demanding £2million in compensation, reported Daily Mail.
The investigating officials found the cut to be "too clean" for a car crash.
In the second incident, the man chopped off his arm above the elbow and claimed 6,00,000 Euros from insurance companies.
Spain has witnessed a large number of fake insurance claims, after it plunged into recession after 2008.
Many criminal gangs are faking car accidents to win insurance cover for the vehicles. Their web of deceit has been described as "an Oscar winning performances", by the insurance company officials.


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