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Medical miracle makes 'Bone-less girl' dance

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  • Apr 23, 2013, 04:54 AM IST
Medical miracle makes 'Bone-less girl' dance, bizarre news in English

bizarre news in English

Four-month-old, Janelly Martinez-Amador was diagnosed with an extremely rare diorder that prevented the formation of the bones in her body.
The little girl was unable to breathe as she did not had ribs to support her breathing.
She was relying heavily on ventilator by the time she was two. 
However, six years after she was born- new treatment and her extraordinary bravery- the young girl is growing. In fact, the girl has even learned to dance!
Her treatment involved a series of complex procedures. She was put forward for clinical trials at Carell Jr. Children's Hospital.
Doctors studied the case of Janelly along with nine other toddlers from across the world. 
The children were treated with abiological enzyme called asfotase alfa, which encourages bones to grow.
The medicine were injected in her body through a special port in her abdomen.
But her parents started noticing she was gaining muscle control and, after a year of treatment, she was finally able to move all of her limbs. After 18 months, her ribs started to form, Daily Mail quoted.
Now, after a successful treatment Janelly can finally move her limbs. The young girl still uses a wheelchair, but her bones are growing.


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