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Men across the world cross-dress to show support for Kurdish man

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  • Apr 25, 2013, 21:40 PM IST
Marivan:Men from all across the world posted their cross dressed images on social-networking website, Facebook to express their solidarity with a Kurdish man who was sentenced to parade down a street while wearing woman's clothing.
The punishment came under heavy criticism from various right groups, including Iranian PM.
The Kurdish man was sentenced by a judge in the city of Marivan in Iran's Kurdish region for crime related to domestic violence.
Soon after the sentence, massive protests were organised in support of the man. City's women's right group organised a 1,000-person street march.
The women believe that the sentence is not only degrading to the men but to the women as well. The man was asked to wear the traditional Kurdish woman dress.
To express their solidarity men from across the world posted images cross dressed. The page, ‘Being a woman is not humiliating and should not be considered punishment,’ featured photographs from Iran and as far as Europe and Australia.
The page has gain huge popularity and large number of people are showng their support by liking the page. So far, more than 9,000 Facebook users have liked the page.
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