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Real life Sita-Gita: Separated twins meet after 24 years

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  • Dec 05, 2012, 15:27 PM IST
Real life Sita-Gita: Separated twins meet after 24 years, bizarre news in English

bizarre news in English

New Delhi: Two people living a very different life. Then one day they cross each other paths and finds out that they were the identical twins who got separated in childhood. A simple Bollywood movie?

Well you may be wrong... A Chinese girl met with her identical twin after they both were separated in their childhood.

Bao Lulin was often mistaken for another girl named Yanfei. Lulin, a server from Jiuyang in Guizho, southern China was puzzled after people spoke to her as if they already knew her.

People would ask her for her work in Fujian province. Some would mistake her for the daughter-in-law of a complete stranger. People would ask her to recognise them, when she had not met anyone of them, ever before.

Disturbed and surprised by increase in the number mistaken identity incidents; Lulin decided to go to the depth of the matter.

The 24-year-old decided to track this other person and asked one person- who mistook her for Yanfei- the address of Yanfei.

She discovered one of the most astonishing facts. The girl- she was being mistaken for- was actually her lost sister. They both looked exactly alike and had the same personality and style of dressing.

The girls were even more surprised when they saw that both of them were married in the same year and both their husband have same name. The girls even had a similar scare on their hand.

It is being speculated that girls were given for adoption because of China's one-child policy and desire for male child. Boys are welcomed in China because they carry on the ancestral name and inherit the property according to Chinese law.

It emerged both Yanfei and Lulin were adopted as babies and have realised that they must have been twins who were separated at birth.

There are many uncanny similarities between the sisters beyond their physical likeness.

They both got married in 2007, both of their husbands have the same given name, Bin, and their sons also look identical.

They have the same voice, same friendly, out-going personality, share a number of hobbies, a similar style of dressing, and enjoy the same foods.

They even have the same scar on their finger after having similar accidents when they were six.

Baby girls are often given up for adoption in China because of the One Child policy.

Boys are more valued in Chinese society because they carry on the ancestral name and inheritance laws pass property on to sons.

Because of this, hundreds of thousands of baby girls are abandoned every year in China. Twins, however, are exempt from the policy.

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