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Strip show at Barista: Cops arrest 3 attendants in US!

  • Dailybhaskar.com
  • Feb 22, 2013, 18:24 PM IST

Seattle: Three young ladies have been arrested after they served coffee in their bare essentials at a drive-thru coffee shop.

The women are alleged to have staged peep show for their customer, according to a report published in Daily Mail.

The women were captured after police staged an "undercover operation" to catch the women red-handed. The girls have been charged for prostitution.

The police were acting on complain received by the customers. They alleged that the girls were being paid to take off their clothes for customers.

However, the trend of exposing flesh in drive-thru is not new.

In 2009, Grab-N-Go came under scanner after its baristas were alleged to have posed with its customers in bare nothings.

The racket was busted, when undercover police officers exchanged money for pictures of the women wearing nothing other than thongs or bikini bottoms.

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