Celebs» After Lady Gaga, Nigella Lawson Slammed For Airbrushed Snap!

After Lady Gaga, Nigella Lawson slammed for airbrushed snap!

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  • Sep 19, 2012, 16:35 PM IST
After Lady Gaga, Nigella Lawson slammed for airbrushed snap!, celebs news in English

celebs news in English

“Well done Nigella for acheiving that Lovely Figure, but i still prefer you with the Curvaceous figure,” reads a comment which one of her fans have posted on a social forum. The cooking goddess has left everyone shocked and stunned, courtesy her thin frame. Nigella, who has graced the front cover of a magazine, looks completely different from how she has looked like in the recent past. And as expected, there are many who still believe she couldn’t have looked this thin had she not resorted to getting her pictures airbrushed.  Besides her generous bosom looking comparatively smaller, the outline of her collarbone is visible now and her shoulders too look different.

Even though Lawson has been talking about her fitness regimen and strict adherence to healthy diet as key reasons for her weight loss, detractors don’t look convinced.

Many think photoshop has helped her achieve such an interesting look. Tweaks applied to her photographs may have been small but the results are indeed remarkable.

"Sorry she way over rates herself lookswise. Curvy or not she isnt all that" wrote Anon. Sadie wasn't convinced either. She wrote, "The wonders of computer technology continue to amaze me. - Sadie , Northern hemisphere, United Kingdom, 19/9/2012 08:27----You are wrong Sadie. I have met Nigella at a book signing and her complexion is absolutely amazing. I was gobsmacked at how perfect her skin is, when everybody asked me atferward what she was like, all I could gush about was her fantastic skin! (and the fact that she was absolutey shattered from signing books and talking non stop for 3-4 hours but was determined to see everybody and not let us down. She really is as beautiful as these pictures depict. - Kent Mogg, Bristol, NaN/NaN/NaN NaN:NaN..............................Sorry ken I didn't mean her complexion...I meant that the person on the Radio Times cover is not the person leaning on the Lambrettea in dimensions." Mise too thinks the photo has been photoshopped. "Looking extremely thin" on the radio times cover? Looking extremely airbrushed more like," Mise wrote. "Is that meant to be a recent picture of her on the cover of the Radio Times.... PhotoShop at its very best/worst. She looks lovely without airbrushing," Caroline wrote.




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