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Hot-headed Salman Khan needs anger management lessons!

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  • Oct 12, 2012, 05:14 AM IST

Bet it feels awesome… when Salman Khan talks about the destructive aspect of anger! We all know it is normal to lose temper. But if you fail to control your angst, that’s when it takes a toll on your health and makes work life tougher.  

In his recent interview Dabangg Khan has admitted that he has a lot of angst within him. “Yes. A lot of anger. A lot of anger. My aneurysm is also because of my anger,” he said. Since the actor understands the dire consequences he might end up facing for being hotheaded, he tries hard to avert such instances. “Yes. Many people live with it. Aneurysms of about 8.5(mm)—a friend of mine also has one of 8.5; he is getting it operated. But in my case, it’s in an inoperable area—it’s in my brain. It’s complicated. It’s fine. It’s not changed me. Just I get scared when I get angry,” he added.

On being asked if he still gets angry, he said, “Yes. (laughs) Do you not see that? Anger doesn’t mean like picking up a bottle and smashing somebody over the head with it. That anger is equated with a big-shot temper or having BP issues or whatever that you lose it so fast. Anger is something that you feel “this is not right”. You want to do something about it and you are trying your best and you just can’t do anything about it. That. That is the main anger. You want to turn it right.”

Salman also mentioned in his recent interview how a few reality shows gets on his nerves. “You see other shows: Splitsvilla (a reality show on MTV) and Cheaters (a reality show on Big CBS; Khan also refers to an Indian version of the show, which he doesn’t name) and all that. Just imagine somebody like that comes to me, I would whack their head off. Kya adhikar hai ki tumcamera lekar mere ghar mein aa gaye yaar? (what right have you to bring a camera into my home?)What is that? I don’t even know how these people are even.. I saw some episodes and I want to whack them. Agar ye log mere saamne aa jayein..to main to pagal hi ho jaoonga maar maarke (if I were to come face to face with these people, I’d go mad hitting them).What right does anyone have? It’s a private thing. How can a boyfriend call a camera to track if his girlfriend is cheating and put that on national television?”

Don’t you think only anger management tips can help him realize what triggers his angst and what he can do to avoid triggers from tipping him over the edge?

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