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Katy Perry stages wardrobe malfunction for attention?

  • Dailybhaskar.com
  • Jun 19, 2012, 10:54 AM IST
Katy Perry stages wardrobe malfunction for attention?, controversies news in English

controversies news in English

Katy Perry is back to what she is good at – drawing everyone’s attention by putting on a daring look. The singer was again spotted wearing a see-through outfit. But the way things turned out, her fashion choice soon became an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction for which this year’s Much Music Video Awards won’t be forgotten all that easily. According to reports, Katy decided to wear a flesh-colored sequined cat suit, complete with beautiful butterfly wings to perform her new song “Wide Awake”. Later, when she was named the winner of the International Artist of the Year award, the singer returned to the stage to accept her award. In complete excitement, Katy proceeded to the stage to collect the award. But amidst elation and thrill, she forgot that she hadn’t changed the flesh-colored cat suit, and the butterfly wings, which had concealed her behind during the performance, had been removed.

Within minutes, spectators realized that she had committed wardrobe malfunction. Since her wings were removed, her butt was obviously exposed for all the audience to see and laugh at. Mortified by her poor memory, the singer tried her best try to conceal her assets from the spotlight, and her fans. Does this incident really put forth her absent-mindedness? Or has the singer succeeded in seizing an interesting opportunity to hit the headlines by flaunting her hot bod?


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