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Rare and unseen pictures of Rahul Gandhi

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  • Jan 22, 2013, 20:29 PM IST
When Rahul Gandhi was made the Vice President of Congress on January 19, every Indian citizen waited with its bated breath for Rahul Gandhi's 1st ever speech as the de-facto number two of the Congress. And indeed it was a speech worth lending an ear too when Rahul brought back the memories of the Nehru- Gandhi dynasty in the first few lines of  the 40 mins speech. Rahul recalled how his father Rajiv Gandhi was broken by his mother’s death — gunned down by guards with whom Rahul used to play badminton. 
There was enough of the Gandhi-Nehru family nostalgia in his speech to move his audience to tears and ultimately make them rise up for a standing ovation. So as Rahul Gandhi proceeds his journey as Congress' vice president, let's relive his journey in pictures.   
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