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Rare and unseen pictures of Rahul Gandhi

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When Rahul Gandhi was made the Vice President of Congress on January 19, every Indian citizen waited with its bated breath for Rahul Gandhi's 1st ever speech as the de-facto number two of the Congress. And indeed it was a speech worth lending an ear too when Rahul brought back the memories of the Nehru- Gandhi dynasty in the first few lines of the 40 mins speech. Rahul recalled how his father Rajiv Gandhi was broken by his mother’s death — gunned down by guards with whom Rahul used to play badminton.
There was enough of the Gandhi-Nehru family nostalgia in his speech to move his audience to tears and ultimately make them rise up for a standing ovation. So as Rahul Gandhi proceeds his journey as Congress' vice president, let's relive his journey in pictures.
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