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Detractors insult Rahul Gandhi on Twitter!

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  • Jun 19, 2012, 20:40 PM IST
Detractors insult Rahul Gandhi on Twitter!, controversies news in English

controversies news in English

The world has never been nice to politicos! No, we aren’t referring to disparaging remarks which are often made about David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama! It is our very own Rahul Gandhi who is being reprimanded by detractors on Twitter. Reason? His 42nd birthday! Yes, it may sound a bit weird, but that’s what has given his critics a convincing reason to take digs at him. As far as tweets go, they are not only offensive, but the language used is also inappropriate. “Rahul Gandhi's Birthday, There is April Fool's day and there should be a June Dumb's Day.” read one tweet. And as the tweet explains, Rahul’s most special day has been called insignificant! Why else do you think the occasion has been referred to as “June Dumb’s Day”? Another user echoed the same sentiment when he wrote, "Is Poonam Pandey deciding to show us something other that what she has already ...for Rahul Gandhi's Birthday".

We get you an insight into Rahul Gandhi’s online ‘acumen’

‏ ‏@pawandurani: ‘It had always been fun to read ' Ayesha Takia's ' but to have ' Rahul Gandhi's ' on trend list , i dare not read it .

‏‏@Luvranbirk: “Oh my God! Today is Rahul Gandhi's birthday and instead of #HappyBirthdayRahul, #YoRahulSoDumb is trending. ROFL :D”

‏@ChetanDhadankar: “Rahul Gandhi's shares b'day with Garfield. Both love to sleep, do no real work, snooze while othrs work. #YoRahulSoDumb isnt likable though.”

‏@DineshGhodke: “#YoRahulSoDumb. Somethings need no elaboration... (Rahul Gandhi's reality)”

‏@Arjun024: “It's Rahul Gandhi's 42nd birthday today. He should go for Musli Power extra ad. So old and still a youth !!”

‏‏@Eccentricandhow: “Rahul Gandhi's personal assistant does not carry a travel itinerary. He carries a travel 'eat'inerary. #AajLunchMeinKyaHai”

‏@impankajmani: “RT @iSupportNamo: Rahul Gandhi's birthday should be celebrated as "Buddhu Poornima" #YoRahulSoDumb”

‏@thetanmay: “Just kicked a beggar and stole his food in honor of Rahul Gandhi's birthday.”

‏@amishra77: “#YoRahulSoDumb : Rahul Gandhi's birthday becomes a day of national joke. Surely qualifies for the #10WorstFeelings for the "young" man !”

3h Gaurav Mittal Gaurav Mittal ‏@aurbolo: “42 + 0 = 420 where 42 is Rahul Gandhi's age. 0 is Sibal's zero loss theory. 420 is congress. + is concat”

‏@TheUnRealTimes: “On Rahul Gandhi's birthday, Congress throws a big party. Rahul cuts the cake, and MMS gets the budday bumps #YoRahulSoDumb”

‏@actindia: “Have mercy tweeple.It's Rahul Gandhi's birthday,not lampoon day. Adding degrees like #YoRahulSoDumb may anger Momma and Brazilian.”

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