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Salman, Shah Rukh, John Abraham making smart moves?

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  • May 12, 2012, 06:48 AM IST
Salman, Shah Rukh, John Abraham making smart moves?, relationships news in English

relationships news in English

If you thought giving sane advice is sufficient to cement bonds people share in the showbiz industry, you are mistaken! Because helping colleagues/co-stars, who seek understanding and support, in the bid to become their BFF might be necessary, but it isn’t all that critical now. Reason? Actors and filmmakers are busy selecting expensive gifts for those close to them. Interestingly, the list doesn’t just boasts of relatives. It now includes colleagues and even crew members. Since actors invest effort, thought and consideration while purchasing these gifts, there is no way their lavish presents wouldn’t help them solidify their work relationships.

If Akshay Kumar hit headlines for gifting a Bentley to Twinkle, the actor is back in news because John has gifted him Harley Davidson. The actors, who worked together seven years ago in “Garam Masala”, became close pals. John had promised Akshay that if their third film together worked well, he would buy him a high-end motorbike. If their second movie “Desi Boyz” found several takers, their third film “Housefull 2” was also appreciated. Hence, John had to fulfill the promise he made. But doesn’t this also comes across as an attempt to help them do more films together.

Similarly, if Shah Rukh Khan gifted Audi A6 to his kids, he was also in news for gifting Sanjay Dutt a motorcyle and Priyanka Chopra an acoustic guitar. While his relationship with Priyanka has gone sour, Sanjay made sure SRK’s good deed didn’t go unrequited. Sanjay defended SRK when he misbehaved with Shirish Kunder earlier this year. Sanjay was quoted as saying, “Shan Rukh Khan didn’t slap Shirish, he just pushed him.”

Salman Khan, who is more often than not grabbing everyone’s attention for presenting “Being Human” watches, was planning to gift Kareena a brand new car because she agreed to do an item number in his forthcoming film “Dabangg 2” without charging money. With majority of the popular filmmakers roping in Kareena for their projects, Salman made sure his bond remained intact.

So whether presenting gifts is just a way of expressing gratitude or a smart career move is for you to decide!


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