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Sofia Vergara suffers wardrobe malfunction; elated fans congratulate her!

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  • Sep 24, 2012, 22:11 PM IST
Sofia Vergara suffers wardrobe malfunction; elated fans congratulate her!, controversies news in English

controversies news in English

It was a day Sofia Vergara will remember for the rest of her life, but not for good reasons! The actor, who looked stunning at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction which was caught on camera. Fortunately, the problem was fixed before she appeared on the stage. But the actor tweeted a picture of the back of her outfit, her zipper broken which exposed her ample curves exposed. ““Yes!!!! This happend [sic] 20 min before we won!!!! Jajajajja. I luv my life!!!!” she wrote.

Fans’ reactions poured in when she uploaded the same picture on Facebook. The actor was mocked and insulted, understandably so.

Read what they had to say:

Minister Arthur L. Weathersby: Amen! Congratulations Sofia!
Gabriel Franco: Damn
Aaron Smothers: my god...
Danney McVay: Boobs
Gabriel Franco: You're an idiot, that's her ass!
Carlos Javier Fret: Nooooooo OMG!!
Bravo Lima: And I think you are the sexiest celebrity woman alive.
David A Farfan: I can die a happy man
Lazaro Josue Villarreal: It's that beautiful big booty! Dress couldn't handle it
James Bielicki: Sweet Jesus, look at dat ass
Mark Torres: Mother of God.....
Mauricio Jose: Melendez good
Christian Scott: It just looks part of the dress...it works..
Michelle Chacón: Those aren't her boobs. That's her ass.
Julie Deleon: The girls wanted to come out!!!! LOL ;))
Jason Garza: OMG LOL!!! NICE!!;)
André Augusto Marinho: it confused me for a sec... =p
Abdullah Halimi: YES YES YES YES YES
Dan Buckley: I need to apply for a job as a wardrobe malfunction repairman...
Tom McDonald: Ermagerd! thats her butt!
Luis Mejia: Wow!!!!!! I mean that sucks lol
Javier Torres: i'll fix it for you
Michael O'Donnell: Thank you
John Hancock: Hahah nice buns!!!
Joe Sims: and thank you for sharing this as it made my night!
Lisa Silver: Oh Sofia, I'm sorry that happened, but thank you for sharing :-)
Teddy Reese: that is awsome nice ass sofia
Boka B Boka B: Omg ouch.....
Chico Locster Sophia's: Booty. Hahaha
Ben Sheng Su Nick: Whiffin
Blackie Norton: CONGRADULATIONS !!
Jesus Garcia: Yes!!!!!!
Hilda Gonzalez: OMG!!!!
Alison Oei: OMGoodness! =/
Linda Mello Pacheco: Congrats. Lol.
Abdi AC: I like that ass
John Soulnier: nice that they don't make thread as good as they did years ago.
Natascha Bunner: Is that your butt??
Aguirre DeCortez: Ohhhhh nooooo (: yesssss! Lol you looked great
Rogelio Mancillas: Bootyfully!!! ;)
Matt Alexandris: Yes folks, we have butt cleavage.....and good lord what an amazing butt she has too...can I speak for everyone when I say we love her life too??? :-)))))))))))))))))
Olivier Attia: Wearing green! Seriously?
Matt Anderson: I almost couldn't figure out which end this was...
Tahoe R. Kamman- Nevada: Cleavage is cleavage, right?
Scott M Wesolowski: Naglas
R.j. Vanderwoude: awesome boobs
Gerson E Rojas: ohhhhhhh por Diossss!!!!!!!!!
Erick Mantilla: dat ass !!
Shafiea Jensen: Oh no!! Lol
Daniel Ramirez: Mmmm....wow. ;)
Néstor Ramírez Morales: ayy chihuahua !!! jejejejej
Patrick Yrigollen: Oh My Goodness!! Thanks for sharing, though, that is a wardrobe malfunction!!!
Dave Ybanez: SANTA MARIA!!!
Jose Duran: Lol is the cheap stuff from k-mart
Giovanni Ted Bautista: Open up... Daddy's goin in lol
Randy Frost: At least you were wearing clean chonies. LOL!
Abel Veronica Cataleya Chávez: nice ass lol jajajaj if i wore that dress it would rip all the wayyy down!!!my ass is huge
Laticha Colli: Congrats, Sofia good you weren't commando lol.
Eric Dinsdale: No, not boobs. ASS!!
Alon Diąmant ;Colombiana, no doubt ;)
Tati Paez: Congrats for the ass and the award :) #ModernFamily!
Tam Hart: Asssssss assess asss
Mike Hinojosa: Omg!! Lol wow
Amanda Gunay: Don't think many ppl would see this as a bad thing! :P
Bob Templeman: Those dresses are so freakin' expensive! I would never expect that to happen.
Diego Andrés Romero: Now I can die in peace.
Danny Acosta: Oh yes.. Amazing!
Teatea Timotea: Congratulations Sofia!!!
Diego Andrés Romero: I luv your butt!!!
Cookie Murphy: congratulations
Jason L Broomes: Everyone wins in the end ;-)!
Andy Sanchez: GOD BLESS YOU!!!!
Edwin Velasquez: Wuuuuaa que sexsi sofia todo un biscochito......See Translation
Ron Dodd: they wanted to celebrate ahead of mama!!!
Mio Mendoza: omg!!!! sofia sal chichita !!!!!!!
Matt Walker: usually i say no to crack...
Iran Lopez: Moon over LA :)
Manny Corona: now I'll have some sweet dreams =)
Rudy Tajalle Jr That ass alone should win an Emmy! Or any award for that matter.
Cuscatleco Flores Beautiful congratulations sofia!!!! Gooood :-D ass
Andres Perez Lol! still beautiful mommy!!
Aurica Marcu you look so great Sofia.
Ed Hobson Buttcheeks.. Yay!
Cesar Cortez Sofi te amo chikita mmmmmSee Translation
Julian Huckabee Me gusta! Tu culo quiere salir.See Translation
Megan Secks Let me see your bobies women
Gary Linton I'm howling at the moon!!! ;-)
Julie Jessee Miller I thought those were ur boobs @ 1st!! LOL!! U poor thing having 2 go thru that right b4 u won!! BTW, I really wish u would've won instead of Julie!!! Luv ya!! XOXO
Jorge Pérez-Renta Niña, por poco se te ve hasta el HECHO EN COLOMBIA.See Translation
Jesse Vallejo can i play lol
Paul Talmage Walton HA !!....LOVING THE VIEW !!
Michael Deakin What a cracking smile . LOL
Anthony Lopez Yumm!!
Albert Sr Alcaraz Nice toosh
Juliette Adel HAHAHAHA!!
Miguel Domínguez R G Everythig in you is beauty in all its splendour!
Amy Woodward CONGRATS I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marycarmen Pikkasso O. M. G....
Way to go girl....
Kevin Lee Congratz Sofia!!!!
Joan Romero :O
Shawn M. Sweeney Sofia, I luv your life too!!!!
Jim King Thanks for sharing.
Angel Marckwordt The dress knew Modern Family was going to win and got a little nervous. Lolz~
Steve Moore Looks beautiful
Trent Portch Won what?
Julie Rodriguez OMG enjoy the night
Julia Orta Buszkiewicz Most hilarious post ever!! love that you can laugh at yourself. N jealous of your ass! Lol.
Tony Miranda Awww that sucks
Jose Marquez better than happening on stage
Eli Purnell your are a true godess sofia

Jose A. Madera Sofia I can't believe that happened. @1st glance I also thought it was your boobs. Nice tush btw. Congrats on your many accomplishments.
Chuck Hicks Don't you dare fix that...
Royge Seijkens you with your jajaja:) nice ass on the pic:P
Zack Meads Nice, Sofia. Very nice. I'm glad that happened and I want to bite it.
Bill Padget Beautiful butt cheeks, Sofia. My life is almost complete!
Njm Marcelo Boobs or ass, ¡I'm confused!
Edith M Dolson Murillo Congratulations....I just saw you Sophia..modern family won....
Fabian Marban You are beyond perfect. Hermosa!
Mayra DiLisio This is too funny! I love that you can laugh about it and share it with us. You are awesome bella y I love u.
Mayra DiLisio Congratulations on your win too! I love modern family ♥
Millie Hillbrick thank you for making my day better c:
John Prophet I wouldn't run the app to find the answer out in a million years.......
Emily Penrith Oh no hehehehe!!
Paola Quintero I thought those were your boobies
José Manuel Varo you are the funniest , congrats!!!!
Karla E. Que bella! Love how she can laugh at herself
Latrice Moore Good for ya,ll everyone of you deserve it !
Ausy Clarke No complaints here!
Dj-moe Mizzle Wow! Ur fatass tore ur dress, apart
Dj-moe Mizzle U must have farted to rip that dress,lol
Dj-moe Mizzle I cant stop jerkn off! Lmao
Ken Dabrowski I love that dress Sofia bonita!
David M Tokash Sr. hey Sofia, why cant you just post your stuff straight to facebook, i dont use any APPS so i cant see your stuff!
Allen Laz Bernardez congrats love ya sopi
William Clark Nice tits!!!!!! Show them off! Lol

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