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Drugs seized in Chandigarh: This woman drug inspector climbs rooftop to search for dangerous drugs

  • Bhaskar News
  • May 09, 2013, 02:04 AM IST

Derabasti: Drugs menace is fast catching up in Chandigarh. Some chemists are selling unauthorized and illegal party drugs. There is huge money involved in this illegal trade. There is a group of informers working to protect the people involved in the trade.


Drug inspectors carry out raids on regular intervals, but rarely do they seize unauthorized drugs. Reason is simple—chemists get to know about the raids in advance.  Recently, during one such raid on Satnamn Medical Store situated at Tahsil Road, the team of drug inspectors could not seize any objectionable material.


But the drug department had credible information that illegal drugs were being sold from the store. So, they planned second raid, but this information was kept very secret—no one outside the team came to know about the raid. However, this time too, during the raid on the shop, nothing much could be recovered.


But woman drug inspector was determined to nab the culprits. She decided to check the rooftop. Under the rubble on the rooftop she got what she was looking for—huge quantities of banned and illegal drugs.

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