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PHOTOS: Welcome to India's fastest building

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  • Dec 02, 2012, 03:50 AM IST
Chandigarh: A 10-storey building, which was planned to be erected within a record time of 48 hours in Punjab's Mohali district, is now ready to move in. The target of assembling the building, having an area of over 25,000 square meters, within stipulated time was met at 4:30 pm on Saturday.
The process to construct the 10-floor 'Istacon' sky scraper had started at 4.30 pm on Thursday. A total of 24 engineers, 200 technicians, supervisors and labourers were pressed into service. 
Four cranes were used to assemble the pre-fabricated roof and walls, which were prepared in the factory.
Entrepreneur Harpal Singh, who heads a Mohali-based Rs 1,000-crore infrastructure company, Synergy Thrislington, had promised that the 10-storey building would be constructed within 48 hours.
"We assembled the 200 tonne building, having an area of over 25,000 square meters within the stipulated time of 48 hours, whose deadline ended at 4.30 pm on Saturday," said Synergy Thrislington CMD Harpal Singh.
"We successfully achieved what we dreamt. There was a perception this kind of building was not possible in India, but we proved it wrong," said Harpal Singh.

The building entered into record books as the fastest completed such building in India. Harpal also showed the certificate issued by the Limca Book of Records for being the fastest 10-storey building in India.
I C Syal, an ex-professor of Punjab Engineering College here who designed the building, said the structure can withold for 600 years.
"It's a tube-in-tube structure. There will be no problem of seepage or leakage in this building. We also measured building's deflection in case of strong winds and earthquakes, which comes to 49 mm as against 123 mm deflection allowed by the government for conventional buildings," Syal said.
The dead line of 48 hours was for raising the physical structure. Various works, including air conditioning, installation of lighting appliances and making toilets etc functional will be taken up later.
The ground floor of the building marking red and white cream colour texture has been made fully functional. The furnishing of upper nine floors will also be undertaken later on.
An ultrafast technology of construction, with less than 20 percent of work at the site, was used to erect this building. There was minimal emission of flying dust and less pollution of water at the site.
The technology, first of its kind in the country, is unique in many ways. All the components of the building were manufactured in the factory, pre-fitted with floors and other essentials, including provisions for water supply, wiring, sanitation and air conditioning ducts.
The concrete has been used only in the foundations and three inch deck floorings in the nut and bolt structure.
The facade of the building is double skinned PUF panel that ensures thermal insulation.
This construction mechanism was approved by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Delhi and Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC) Chennai.
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