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20 pictures of Kedarnath before disaster

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  • Jun 24, 2013, 17:28 PM IST
Chandigarh:Mud, devastation and death is all that surrounds the holy Kedarnath shrine in Uttarakhand after the hill state was struck by flash floods and cloudburst close to the area. While the temple is safe, the outer compound has been completely damaged and the town around Kedarnath temple has suffered massive losses as it felt the full force of rising waters.
The hellish rains last week have turned Kedarnath into a ghost town. Though the outer structure of the temple seems intact, there are bodies piled up outside its gate. Kedarnath shrine, one of the holiest of Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, and other buildings have been severely damaged.
Kedatnath temple shrine will remain out of bounds for two years as the debris around the shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva will require at least one year to get cleared.
Meanwhile, state authorities on Tuesday made the first official confirmation that more than 5,000 people perished in the Uttarakhand disaster. Armed forces rescued around 12,000 survivors against looming threat of rains and endemic outbreak.
Hellish rains wrecked havoc on Uttarakhand and town around Kedarnath shrine is the worst-hit. Condition of holy Badrinath shrine is relatively better, say reports.
Gaurikund and Kedarnath were epicenter of the devastation. Though the Kedarnath temple stands tall, while the entire town around it has been wiped out, Gaurikund has been reduced to rubbles in the flash floods.
Here's a look at the pictures of Kedarnath temple:
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