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Shocking lust for money: Uttarakhand locals cut off fingers of corpses of victims for gold rings

  • Bhaskar News
  • Jun 25, 2013, 21:33 PM IST
Dehradun:Noida’s Devvrat lost his mother in the Uttarakhand tragedy. His agony was aggravated when locals, over-rawed with insatiable lust for money, stripped his mother’s corpse of all the gold ornaments. When the ring was not coming off easily, they simply cut two fingers. 
Such shocking insensitivity is not the only incident of the brutality the locals have inflicted on the victims. Amid reports that several stranded passengers were looted by goons, another report of human insensitiveness has come up in Uttarakhand. But this time, it is not the criminal elements but local shopkeepers who have inflated the prices of goods by 500 to 1000 per cent. They are paying Rs. 250 for a 'paratha' and Rs. 100 for a small pack of chips.
56-year-old flood victim and Dehradun local Manohar Lal Mauriya, who has been rescued and admitted to the Doon Hospital here, said the exploitation of distraught travellers has saddened him.
"I had to pay Rs. 40 for a small bowl of rice. There was no food available anywhere," Mauriya, who saw his taxi being washed by the swirling flood waters, said.
Amit Gupta of Baghpat UP, who spoke to his relatives stranded in Gaumukh, said they had to pay Rs. 400 for two small packets of chips and two bottles of water.
The authorities have decided to frisk evacuees after being rescued by the army in anticipation of recovering the lost gold and money. 
The evacuees from various parts of the state are being brought via helicopters to helipads in Gaucher and Jolly grant airport in state capital Dehradun. Subardhan said the reports of thefts and criminal activities are disturbing but the authorities will have to keep a check on these acts and only those who behave suspiciously or are reported to be carrying unreasonably high cash or jewellery will be searched.
"We will frisk only the suspect people once they land at rescue centres as there are reports of theft of jewellery, cash and other valuables. But this will be done without causing any trouble to the people," Garhwal Commissioner Subardhan said.


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