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Three sisters,father, beaten up and nearly stripped

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  • Jan 23, 2013, 01:39 AM IST
Three sisters,father, beaten up and nearly stripped
Chandigarh: Three sisters were attacked when they were on their way home from a wedding at the community centre of Daddumajra colony at 10.30 pm on Saturday. The girls were on a scooty and were driving down a lane when two men blocked their path. They started misbehaving by smoking into their faces.
The girls recognised them as Ninni and Pritam. Ninni is the son of local congress women’s leader, Darshani. 
When the eldest resisted, they tried to burn her face with cigarettes. They then tried to manhandle the three. The girls fought back, but the scuffle got extremely violent. At one point the assailants pinned them to the ground and started tearing off their clothes. 
The eldest somehow managed to contact a local PCR van. When the miscreants saw police arriving, they ran. On of the sisters, in a rare act of daring managed to grab Ninni. Police took him away but left the girls behind. They had meanwhile contacted their father who arrived to help them. The moment the PCR was out of sight, Pritam returned with Ninni’s mother and a few more friends. They were armed with sticks and they started beating up the girls and their father, Chandra Prakash mercilessly. Police were called again. They took their father to PGI Chandigarh.
Police at sector 39 have lodged a case against Ninni, Darshani, and Pritam based on the girls’ testimony. 
Meanwhile, DSP PCR Roshan Lal has admitted that it was wrong of the police to leave the girls stranded alone after the attack . He continues to maintain that safety of women is a priority. One wonders how serious he is. 

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    Three sisters,father, beaten up and nearly stripped


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