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Uttarakhand floods aftermath: Epidemic grips Kedarnath, 50 tonnes of wood being assembled for mass cremation

  • Bhaskar News
  • Jun 24, 2013, 18:01 PM IST
Dehradun/Chandigarh: The officials have made all the necessary arrangements for cremating the dead bodies of those who have lost their lives in the catastrophic floods in Uttarakhand.
Wailing mothers, paralysed or handicapped elderly people; the sight of the day at any place in Uttarakhand is tormenting and excrutiating. For those still stranded their, the suffering continues to create havoc emotionally, physically and mentally. 
However, another serious concern is that due to the rotting of dead bodies, the area has come under the grip of an epidemic. 
People are suffering from Diarrhoea. The officials have directed the forest and respective departments to assemble woods to complete the last rites of the dead bodies.
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